Photography is the storyteller’s most efficient tool.

You know… a thousand words.

My story: I got my first camera when I was five. My first roll of film when I was ten. I spent the time in between staring at the world through a viewfinder. Hi, I’m Dan Kern, a professional photographer, videographer and sometimes D.O.P. 

In 2003, I opened a studio specializing in headshots for actors, musicians and models. I’ve photographed over 1200 performers, operated a camera in the audition rooms of 43 films, worked on both sides of the lens, on stage, and extensively behind the scenes. My life’s work has been in the performing arts, media, and technology. All in pursuit of story.

Today, I work with a diverse group of people on a wide range of projects across the entire media landscape. I no longer accept bookings. Thank you for your interest in my work.